The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic exposed many flaws in the American healthcare system as well as our economy.  believe that this should never happen again. Minnesotans deserve social safety nets, such as paid sick leave, and better funding for public health departments so if this does happen again, we're better prepared.

Man with Medical Mask


As a type-one diabetic myself, I know just how confusing and frustrating the healthcare system can be. Premiums, co-pays, and co-insurance costs are on the rise and it feels like there are many unnecessary hoops to jump through.

I believe it is important to take steps to address how expensive and inaccessible our healthcare system can be. I think it is important to expand on Medicare and Medicaid even further to provide access to even more vulnerable populations.

It is also important to continue and increase support for our in-home and institutional are services; and to continue to fund and create programs that will help the elderly, disabled, and displaced persons.

Doctor and Patient


The Willmar Lakes Area already has great schools. But I believe that we can make them even better. As a Willmar graduate, I know firsthand how valuable a curriculum with liberal arts, technology, vocational and physical education is.

That being said, our teachers deserve more support and better compensation for what they do. Teachers often go above and beyond their line of duty- by staying late, providing classroom supplies, and fostering a welcoming, fun learning environment. 

Children Arriving at School


Our veterans are the heroes of our nation and community. They deserve the utmost respect, appreciation, and gratitude from us. I believe it is our responsibility to do our best to locate and bring home prisoners of war or those missing in action.

Through my father's experiences, I have seen first hand how great the VA can be, but also some of its shortfalls. I believe that the veterans of our county deserve better physical, emotional, and financial security. 

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I believe that everyone should pay their fair share of taxes, especially for things we all benefit from—roads, schools, safety. 

Small businesses are the pillars of our community– we should be providing better incentives to start and/or invest in them so they can grow and compete in a more competitive market.

Kandiyohi County is not the metro— metro solutions may not work. I believe establishing a lower tax base for the industry in our area will aid in our economic well-being.

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Seniors add so much value, culture and wisdom to our community. I believe that the seniors of our area deserve better access to programs and resources that allow them to stay at home longer and be more active.

Seniors Socializing


Minnesota’s farmers are the backbone of our economy– they work extremely hard to keep food on our tables. My goal is to provide better economic support to our small business and family farms that are the backbone of our community. 

Conserving our farmland for the future is also very important. Logan wants to make sure that our farmers can still preserve their economic well-being while also working on being more sustainable for our future. 

Farm 2


Access to quality high-speed internet countywide is increasingly important for our business, educational, and personal needs. Everyone in our county deserves access to high-speed internet, especially as it becomes a daily necessity. 

Our area deserves increased investment into our roadways and public transportation. Our roadways are the lifelines of our community. We need continued funding for preservation and improvement of roadways in the area.

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